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Top 10 Naval Tech Service Companies - 2021

The outbreak of pandemic has not been easy on the naval industry. Snags stemming from inefficient tracking of ship’s position and course in the ocean, and combating hazardous situation, to mounting backlogs of new shipbuilding orders, naval industry have been facing challenges on multiple fronts.

To deal with the challenges in the sector, naval manufacturers are making huge strides in implementing modern technologies to boost their operational capabilities. Recent advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, deep learning, robotics, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) have brought forth a slew of new breakthroughs in the naval technology sector. For instance, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two emerging technologies that are enabling shipbuilders to conduct a layer-bylayer in-depth examination of ship design and a virtual walkthrough of the vessel at the design level. Besides, as computer-aided design (CAD) technologies are improving, it is becoming possible to create and test virtual vessels through 3D modelling.

Today, these technologies are upturning the overall operations of the naval industry, from ship building to combating sea-based terrorism. And considering all these tech trends, it is imperative for new players as well-established OEMs to revamp their capabilities for the next revolution To assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished naval tech solution providers and service companies, we have compiled the issue of Aerospace and Defense Review. It is elaborately crafted to assist you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance. In this edition, we have listed the top naval tech solution providers and service companies to highlight those making significant contributions to the naval sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these solution providers and service companies are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs. We hope this issue of Aerospace and Defense Review helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Aerospace and Defense Review’s, “Top 10 Naval Tech Service Companies – 2021.”

    Top Naval Tech Service Companies

  • Cask Government Services, also known as Cask, offers a host of consulting services to acquisition, system, and technology leaders in the Navy and Marine Corps who require support to ensure compliance, and maintain continuous technological transformation. Alongside, Cask’s compliance as a service enables real time compliance that includes a continuous monitoring dashboard. Enterprise assets are mapped to compliance controls and eliminates the effort and cost associated with annual assessments. The company conducts various types of assessments including RMF and NIST assessments to help customers understand how to implement these security solutions and stay abreast of all the regulatory requirements. Alongside, Cask also assists customers in transitioning smoothly between acceptable, security controls

  • Offer customers a full range of unique tactical services and specialized technology solutions. It increase clients' capabilities through advancements in human performance and our ability to rapidly develop and integrate new and emerging technological solutions

  • 22nd Century Technologies , Inc.

    22nd Century Technologies , Inc.

    The company is one of the fastest growing IT Service Integrator supporting many of the nation’s mission-critical programs in areas of Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure, IT Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, AppDev, Modernization programs, and Cloud Migrations

  • AfterGlow


    AfterGlow, LLC is a dynamic small business dedicated to providing its customers with the finest and most appropriate photoluminescent safety materials

  • ALTEN Group

    ALTEN Group

    ALTEN Group supports the development strategy of its customers in the fields of innovation, R&D and technological information systems

  • Aries Management System

    Aries Management System

    Aries is the largest Engineering, Inspection & Maintenance firm in the Middle East. Founded by Dr. Sohan Roy in 1998, Aries Marine is the flagship brand of Aries Group, a world-class consortium of diversified independent firms

  • Buoyancy Consultants and Engineering

    Buoyancy Consultants and Engineering

    Buoyancy Consultants approach to offshore & ship design is through providing quality engineering services for new builds, retrofits, Brownfield and Greenfield projects

  • CoSolutions, Inc.

    CoSolutions, Inc.

    CoSolutions is a flag bearer in the Naval Tech space that provides a complete range of technology assistance services to their federal client

  • Marine Acoustics

    Marine Acoustics

    MAI is a scientific and engineering company providing a diverse set of government, corporate and international clients with a broad spectrum of consulting and engineering services

  • VETS


    VETS supports a growing number of U.S. Government defense and civilian agencies with technology, systems engineering, and program management support services